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Centuri Analytics is an innovative health informatics company, dedicated to supporting healthcare providers optimise patient care by maximising patient flow.

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Who We Are

Centuri Analytics is built on three core values: integrity, intelligence and energy.

We are recognised by our healthcare customers as a key enabler to performance improvement at every stage of the patient journey.

Our products and services are at the forefront of technology. Our skills complement those of our customers, allowing them to focus on improving patient outcomes safe in the knowledge that our solutions enhance their systems and processes.

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Our Solutions

- LaminOS -

Integrated Patient Flow Management for Hospitals

LaminOS.ED by Centuri Analytics is an application dedicated to supporting emergency departments. It integrates into existing IT systems and work practices, and augments them by offering smart, decision-enabling technology in real-time, enabling better flow management for all Acute Floor staff.

  • Provides functionality for clinical staff
  • Enhances communication and organisational capability
  • Improves compliance with best practices
  • Reduces times for Imaging
  • Reduces Handover times
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Requires minimal training
  • Swipe Card Authentication
  • Integrates with existing Databases
  • Deployable on Remote Cloud or Local Network

What We Deliver

User-Friendly Software

Our solutions are designed to support existing healthcare work practices

Domain Expertise

Our technical team have a unique understanding of software applications in modern healthcare

Data Intelligence

We empower our customers with intelligent insights and real time decision support.


We are pioneering state-of-the-art technology with Agile methods.

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